A group of women and folks in business attire, smiling in a field of yellow flowers and green grass.

Creating Social Equity For Everyone

The Wisbys is an online event celebrating women in sustainable business from all over the world. We nurture and support good business that puts the people and the planet first.

How We’re Different

We’re a growing community of women who have sustainability at the heart of their businesses. We’re a diverse bunch, spread across different countries, age groups, and industries, with a common goal of making a difference by championing sustainable business. The Wisbys is the award we all wished existed.


Open to women from anywhere in the world - where you live shouldn’t be a barrier to funding your sustainable business dream.


For folks whose gender or race make access to other grants and/or opportunities harder. The Wisbys is free to enter to keep finances from being an unfair barrier to entry

About The Wisbys
Three women smiling, wearing business attire, smiling in a field of yellow flowers with green grass.

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How You Can Support Us

Sponsor The Wisbys

Grants, mentorship and a supportive community make all the difference in turning innovative ideas into reality. Let’s level the playing field. 

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Attend The Wisbys Event

Join us at The Wisbys event, where we bring together leading experts across diverse sustainability topics from ethical business, sustainable living, social impact, and more. Expand your knowledge, connect with like-minded changemakers, and be inspired to make a meaningful difference.

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Honoring Transparency

At The Wisbys, we are committed to transparency in how we allocate resources and operate as an organization. We prioritize empowering women and women of color, offering grants and educational opportunities. Together, we champion sustainability, drive actionable impact, and foster a community of positive change.